Spanish #TileStyle Diary…

Secret little Stars TileStyle Diary 922x924 Spanish #TileStyle Diary...Secret litttle Stars Spain 913x924 Spanish #TileStyle Diary...

Hello, my lovely readers!
Just a quick Hi to say that I’m back home in the sunny Glasgow and will be sharing with you all my outfit posts from Spain very soon, but first, here’s a quick Spanish Style or “Tile Style” insta-diary should I say?

Hope you are all well and can’t wait to catch up with everyone!

Big Love
Tatyana xxx

Carioca Style Holiday…

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DSC 3938 924x870 Carioca Style Holiday...

Bom Dia!
Speaking a little Portugese today due to my new beach BFF – Frescobol Carioca!

Please tell me that it’s not just me, who packs so much clothes and so many pairs of shoes to take on holidays, but end up wearing the 3 or 4 things that you had no idea would literally wear ALL the time? If, prior to my packing I was asked to do a blog post about the 3 main things I wouldn’t survive without on my vacation – you’d be seeing a very boring post with razors and make-up. But to my surprise, make-up is the last thing on my mind here, (I am self-conscious about my acne scars) and so far, for the last 6 days, I hadn’t left the hotel room without my Nike tote, Triangl bikini & my amazing linen Frescobol Carioca towel. Well, the Nike sliders are now part of my feet, so they don’t count. Read about them in my previous post here.

There was instant love between the striped Frescobol Carioca (“The Brazilian”) and I. “He” arrived 2 weeks ago in a sleek black magnetic box with his own little branded bag (for when he’s wet after the beach) and once all folded into his little case, he fits into any bag – size does matter when we’re travelling! icon wink Carioca Style Holiday... But with a whopping 175 x 140cm unfolded and laid on the sand or the poolside sun bed – Carioca is the most huggable and softest beach linen towels you’ll ever lie on… Yes, I am talking about a linen Brazilian towel, you dirty thing! icon wink Carioca Style Holiday...

Beach bags – who is going to travel all the way from Scotland with a structured straw tote for a week? Not me! That’s why the sporty version of a beach bag, which I can then use as my gym bag, and trust me, gym is what my body needs after all those churros and tortilla. If I carry on like this – the idea of the Triangl Bikini top acting as a boob tube will have to be abandoned and replaced with “his” shirt instead… But we’re on holidays and this means lotsvof Sunshine, Food, Wine (me), Family Fun at Aqua parks (little star), Sandy feet (and everything else), lazy poolside naps (him), sunbathing (only me) & letting my other better half do all the talking (he’s Spanish) whilst I do all of the above!

Big Love from Spain and Happy Friday! xxx

Striped Linen towel – c/o Frescobol Carioca
Bikini - c/0 Triangl
 (Winnie Miami Mint)
Tassels – Primark
Pink shorts - Topshop, old (similar)
Sliders – Nike @ASOS
Nike Tote – c/o Hoodboyz

Straw FedoraASOS

SunniesRiver Island

Anklet – c/o PAB Jewellery

Post-siesta streets of Spain…

Secret little Stars in Spain15 616x924 Post siesta streets of Spain...Secret little Stars in Spain2 616x924 Post siesta streets of Spain...Secret little Stars in Spain5 616x924 Post siesta streets of Spain...Secret little Stars in Spain11 e1405897661722 924x891 Post siesta streets of Spain...Secret little Stars in Spain8 616x924 Post siesta streets of Spain...Secret little Stars in Spain17 e1405897574798 743x924 Post siesta streets of Spain...Secret little Stars in Spain7 616x924 Post siesta streets of Spain...Secret little Stars in Spain16 616x924 Post siesta streets of Spain...Secret little Stars in Spain9 616x924 Post siesta streets of Spain...Secret little Stars in Spain10 924x821 Post siesta streets of Spain...

Hola amigos!

It’s pretty clear from this post title and my Instagram updates that I am enjoying some amazing family time in the beautiful South of Spain Costa del Sol for the past 3 days…
Mornings so far have been spent at the beach and on our hotel’s pool on the roof, followed by our favourite long post-siesta walks with ice cream, cortados and then some local Spanish food. “Leave best to the last” – as my other half puts it. Sea food, local 30 day matured fillet of steak, gaspachio, sangria, churoz and lots of fresh fruit – all of this throughout the day and I’m beginning to worry about my “non-slouchy” clothes I had brought with me to shoot… Not worried about me not fitting in to them – not in the slightest! (If only!)

Luckily, this high-waisted Gap full skirt came with me, which goes so well with crop tops and tan! Wearing my white benassi Nike sliders ALL the time here – who would have thought they’s be so comfy? The best thing about them are the little bumps that massage the soles of my feet throughout the day, which makes me think that all shoes should have some kind of benefit whilst serving the purpose and making our feel look cute!

We’re off to the Aqua Park today, because it’s ALL about my little girlie. Yep, all the things I have to do for her like the go-carting with a “sexy” helmet on Friday night, trampoline jumping after sea food paella on Saturday night, ice-cream shopping 3 times a day and now that aqua park. Well, maybe the trips for the ice-cream are not all for my girl – we are on holiday at the end of the day!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and keep updated with my #SecretlittleTravels on Instagram!
Abrazos! icon wink Post siesta streets of Spain...

Crop top – c/o iKRUSH (Sale!)
Skirt – GAP (first seen here)
Silver bar necklace – c/o PAB Jewellery
Bangle – c/o Lola & Grace @House of Fraser
Striped Ring – c/o Maggie Angus @ Spoiled Brat
Sunglasses - River Island
Bag – H&M c/o St.Enoch Centre
AnkletPAB Jewellery

#FlyBeyond with Grey Goose…

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photo 1 924x924 #FlyBeyond with Grey Goose...

FlyBeyong Grey Goose Secret little Stars 4 616x924 #FlyBeyond with Grey Goose...Rose Leslie attends GREY GOOSE Le Martini et Vouse evening at Devils Advocate Edinburgh1 631x924 #FlyBeyond with Grey Goose...FlyBeyong Grey Goose Secret little Stars 13 e1405638270318 924x881 #FlyBeyond with Grey Goose...

FlyBeyong Grey Goose Secret little Stars 7 616x924 #FlyBeyond with Grey Goose...DSC 3807 616x924 #FlyBeyond with Grey Goose...FlyBeyong Grey Goose Secret little Stars 9 616x924 #FlyBeyond with Grey Goose...Rose Leslie Omar Sequera ccGREY GOOSE brand ambassador Louisa Theo 924x638 #FlyBeyond with Grey Goose...

As you may have seen on my Social Media, I’ve been doing some school night drinking on Wednesday evening – naughty! But this one was special, as my other half and I were the proud guests of GREY GOOSE® – The World’s Best Tasting Vodka evening celebrating the launch of ‘Boulangerie François’ where guests were treated to bespoke GREY GOOSE martini consultations at The Devil’s Advocate Bar, located in the heart of Edinburgh.
Gorgeous canapés, a menu of 6 signature martinis and Grey Goose fizz on the arrival were just such a treat in the lovely venue with the amazing company of local and global talents. Guests included Game of Throne’s and Downton Abbey actress Rose Leslie, Joy McAvoy, Tim Visser, Anna Freemantle, Louise Linton, Jean Johansson, Tessa Hartmann, Diane Knox Campbell, Lorraine Herbison and Howie Nicholsby. We all enjoyed a selection of GREY GOOSE cocktails and bespoke GREY GOOSE martinis that were created to each individual’s personal taste profile by brand ambassadors Omar Sequera and Oli Blackburn.

If you’re like me, and like bitter sweet flavours, then I’m happy to share with you my very own bespoke martini recipe with you, which was created for me on the evening:

- A shot of Grey Goose Vodka (or 2)
– fresh grapefruit juice (just a little bit)
– grapefruit zest
– honey
– elderflower berry juice (I know, yum!)
– Fresh ginger puree
Shake up and drink over ice! Delish!

The history of the brand is also quite unique as Grey Goose is made from wheat and spring water that is naturally filtered through the  limestone of French Gensac-La-Pallue (Cognac Region).

Such a splendid evening! Thank you Grey Goose! WE LOVED IT!

AND guess what? I’ll be in Spain from today, so catch up with all my updates on Instagram (@secretlittlestars), Twitter (@SecretlilStars) and Facebook (Secret little Stars)!

Adios! x

Dress – Asos (last worn here)
Biker – Rock and Royalty Couture @Spoiled Brat
Clutch – old, last worn here

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