Health Regimen Guidelines


One of the best and easiest workouts to do is called an HIIT workout. That’s high interval training workout. Not only is it extremely easy. You don’t need any equipment. You can do it anywhere you are, and it is proven to be one of the absolute most effective workouts you can do.

You want to exercise as fast and as hard as you possibly can for 30 full seconds. There are a lot of different movements you can do, but the key is you want to get your heart-rate up, so you really have to push yourself. You should be gasping for your breath in the end, and trust me this is way harder than it looks. After that you have to recover for 90 seconds, and then you have to repeat the cycles 7 times.

When you start you may be able to do only 3 or 4 cycles, but it will easily pick up once you train more consistently.

The number one thing I started doing recently that has completely transformed my diet is ordering a produce box that is delivered to my door every week. This makes it so easy and convenient to have healthy fresh organic vegetables on hand, but more than that, it inspires me to want to eat more vegetables.

I feel bad for wasting anything. It is the best produce you could possibly have. Most companies that offer this service include recipes in the box with the vegetables. Or you can go on a website, and type in the vegetable you have and recipes will pop up to give you more inspiration.

I eat more vegetables than I ever have because of my produce box.