Sports Tux…

Sports Luxe - Secret little Stars1Sports Luxe - Secret little Stars2 Workwear? Mmmmmaybe not! And definitely not gym wear – I think I’ll call it “Sports Tux”!

These loose fit sweat pants with the white stripe remind me of tuxedo trousers, so when worn with a smart blazer, it kind of comes together – obviously sporty and for £5 in H&M sale, elegance and class are right out of the window there, but that is not what I’m aiming for here anyway…

I go to the gym all the time and love my comfy gym gear, but I also love my heels and blazers, which sometimes can make the look too smart if you know what I mean?

Lets do this: take away the shoes and the blazer – I’m left with literally a pair of tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt (PS I don’t wake up like this – I wish!). So you know I work from home and have a daughter to pick up from school or sometimes I work in one of Glasgow’s cafes for a couple of hours, basically I’m out and about a lot, so comfy bottoms and a tee are ideal for working from home. Actually – I could have woken up like this!!! 😉
Right, add she shoes back on to the outfit with the blazer, a clutch or a crossbody bag and there you go – my very own Sports Tux which might turn a few confused heads, but you know what, it works, it’s comfy, so easy to assemble and I bet all the office workers secretly wish they could wear sweatpants with their suit jackets too! 😉

Have a great weekend and check in with me on the Social Media, where I’ll share some more of the detail from this outfit! x

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS tee – c/0 Princess Angel Star £9 (I know!!!)
Blazer – Topshop (first worn here with shorts)
Heels – Vince Camuto (worn here & here)
Cross-body bag – Vintage (love this one)
Loose fit sweatpants – H&M, sold out (but there are loads you’ll love here)
Sunglasses – H&M
Watch – Monchic (you saw it last here)
Rings – c/o Lola&Grace

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4 responses to “Sports Tux…”

  1. Lucy says:

    Omg need this top!! £9 are you kidding, thats amazing, I was going to buy the ‘I should have been a cowboy’ one from Zadig – but phew at £65 I will settle for this!

    You look perfect, your whole look and perfect styling makes you look insane – I love the whole masculine thing, I’m so into that look just now.

    Amazing post as always, and particularly inspiring. I hope you have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend babe :)

    Lucy xxx

    Florals & Corals

  2. Oh Lucy!

    Your comments are just the best! You make me smile every time I see your name pop up in here!

    Thanks so much and yes – £9 – go for it!

    It’s a Glasgow based company – so always good to support local business!

    Have an amazing weekend!

    Tatyana xxx

  3. Emma says:

    Gorgeous outfit, loving your pants and love the phrase on the top! I think I saw Kavita from She Wears Fashion wearing this :)

    If you have a spare minute pretty please could you vote for me as Best Personal Style Blog Newcomer at Company Magazine’s style awards 2014? It would mean so much to me and i would really appreciate it! To vote please follow this link:

    Love Emma xx

  4. Lauren says:

    I love these slogan tees, cool little outfit chick even if it is just trackies and a tee

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